SAORSA - Supporting Career Freedom and Happiness

SAORSA is a value-based organization which creates and implements educational and consulting services and projects at the local and international level since 2018.

The strategic vision of the organization is based on the principles of career freedom and gender equality. Saorsa has been able to empower thousands of people and continues to empower people to this day.

Saorsa's educational programs and services are a guide to a successful career and a happy life. Here, people can receive educational and counseling services on topics such as prof-orientation and career development, employment skills, digital skills, management, entrepreneurship, leadership, project writing, photography, research design and implementation, etc. More information can be found at On Saorsa's website.

At the core of the SAORSA Education Model lies the rapid transformational career education curriculum, supporting and empowering individual’s positive transformation. The key value of the Saorsa World is human freedom, equality, happiness and success. A free person is delightful, diverse, cheerful, hopeful and empathetic. Success begins when a person realizes her/his responsibility in creating public welfare. A society is happy when it creates a value chain of continuous care, unity and solidarity with its vitality.

It should also be noted that Saorsa actively cooperates with organizations, companies and provides them with educational programs, trainings, career therapies and masterclasses.

SAORSA's Vision

Every individual has the right to be happy and the freedom to choose a profession, employment , realizing the principles of decent work.

Saorsa's Mission

To Strengthen employment opportunities in the local and international labor market, especially for youth and women, by increasing access to non-formal education and supporting employment policy improvement.

"People deserve love, trust and support. I wanted to create a world that makes the fulfillment of career dreams equally accessible to people, increases the thirst for personal and professional advancement and improves the quality of life" - Lia Putkaradze

"Political career and leadership of young girls and women" is a successful socio-educational project of the organization, which SAORSA won in international grant competition and received funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Canada.

The goal of the project to advance professional and specialized skills of 36 young rural girls and women in political leadership and management through organized Regional Political Leadership Academy, Established Rural Women-led Political Movement, Career Mentorship and Simulated Self-Government Election Speech Program in Adjara Region.

"For me, as not only the head of the organization, but also as the author of all project ideas and the project manager, I love every project with its content, character, goals, team and results. All Saorsa projects are special because we count the results according to the improved personal, professional, career, academic, economic condition of our graduates.

The niche of the project "Political career and leadership of young girls and women" is those universal women who, after completing the regional political leadership academy, decided to establish the public movement "Universals' League", which became a prerequisite for hope, care, empowerment and active involvement of women in decision-making processes. Systematic care is an amazing set of words, which for Saorsa means equal access to education, experience, support, healthy relationships, and love, so that human empowerment creates the opportunity for the development of the community, municipalities, city and country", - Lia Phutkaradze.

"Universal League" is the first women led social-political movement in the Adjara region, which will work in three main directions, and its appeal - end violence, demand health and protect nature, will unite all people who want to actively participate in the development processes of the country and the region. The movement is based on the motives of social justice, peaceful coexistence and creating a healthy environment.

The main goals of Universals' League are: raising public awareness on human rights protection; environmental protection; Collaborate with state and local, national and regional organizations and develop relevant policy documents to promote and support the importance of mental health in the community in order to make meaningful changes in the community.

"Universal League was founded in 2024 in Batumi by caring individuals. Universals' League wishes to raise public awareness of the harmonious interaction between people and the environment. Universal's League believes that mental health, environmental vitality, and the safety of women and children are not just individual concerns, but shared responsibilities. Envision an environment where mental health is a priority, health services are readily available, the air we breathe is clean, and all women feel safe and empowered. You, who are reading this text now, are part of us, you are part of our work.

Joining the Universal League means that together, with you, with our shared values, we can change our reality for the better, achieve sustainability and equality, create a brighter and more inclusive future for ourselves and our future generations. We believe that collectively, through shared spirit and advocacy, we can build a society where support systems are strong, women are protected, and environmental stewardship is a shared responsibility. Join us to create a better environment in the village, community, region, Georgia. A healthy future is yours, ours and our next generation. Become a catalyst of changes, become a member of the Universal League", - Mariam Mgeladze, Vice President of the Universals' League.

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